Uncut Gems, Messy but Dynamic

Through Uncut Gems, director duo Josh and Benny Safdie aka Safdie Brothers (Heaven Knows What, Good Time), apply a similar technique, only on a level that might not be brave (or unable) done by other filmmakers. You can see this on 123movies. Ever been hit by anxiety due to being attacked by a pile of complicated problems simultaneously, on the same day, the same hour, the same minute, even the same second?

Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), a diamond shop owner, is being crushed by a lot of debt, including $ 100,000 to Arno (Eric Bogosian), a moneylender and brother-in-law. In order to pay off the debt, Howard chose an unusual method. He bought a rare black opal from Ethiopia, which he planned to auction at a high price. But the arrival of the veteran basketball player, Kevin Garnett (Kevin Garnett), who believes he has a spiritual bond with the opal.

Safdie Brothers along with their subscription scriptwriter, Ronald Bronstein, pulled the base of the conflict to the endless chaos and fate of Howard. The protagonist resolves one problem by creating another problem. Not just a matter of money and debt, household conditions helped worsen Howard’s condition. He and his wife, Dinah (Idina Menzel) have agreed to divorce, after Howard had an affair with Julia Fox (Julia), a young girl who is also an employee.

Quaint, chaotic, messy. Such was Howard’s situation, and the script and its admission succeeded in channeling similar feelings to the audience. Because it’s not just a story full of problems that keep popping up every few minutes, directing Safdie Brothers is also able to make us feel what Howard feels, by maximizing all sources of anxiety.

Amazingly, all neatly arranged as planned chaos. At a glance messy, but actually structured thanks to the manuscript that has positioned the points of purpose carefully even if at a glance irregularly, also directing precision that does not just step on the gas pedal. Obviously this technique is not for everyone. Some viewers may be embarrassed and tired. Even the repetition of the pattern “All Howard’s actions must lead to destruction”, although increasing dramatization, also helped reduce the element of surprise.

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